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Svyatoslav Kotusev
Svyatoslav Kotusev Svyatoslav Kotusev is an independent researcher, educator and consultant. Since 2013 he focuses on studying enterprise architecture practices in organizations. He is an author of the book The Practice of Enterprise Architecture: A Modern Approach to Business and IT Alignment (now in its second edition), many articles and other materials on enterprise architecture that appeared in various academic journals and conferences, industry magazines and online outlets. Svyatoslav received his PhD in information systems from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. Prior to his research career, he held various software development and architecture positions in the industry. He can be reached at kotusev@kotusev.com
A one-page aggregated view of popular EA artifacts used in organizations with their most essential properties, including their informational content, representation format, high-level structure, overall meaning, typical usage, temporal lifecycle, general role, key purpose and associated benefits
  Enterprise Architecture on a Page
Enterprise Architecture Practice on a Page  
A one-page aggregated view of the core processes constituting an EA practice with their interrelationships and most essential properties, including their main goals and motives, necessary participants, underlying EA artifacts and documents, key activities and associated techniques, temporal nature and general meaning
The Practice of Enterprise Architecture
A Modern Approach to Business and IT Alignment
Available for purchase in paperback, hardcover and
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Based on an extensive study of the actual industry best practices, this book provides a systematic, end-to-end description of various aspects of an EA practice integrated into a consistent logical picture. This book offers research-based, conceptually sound and practically actionable answers to the key questions related to enterprise architecture
  The Practice of Enterprise Architecture: A Modern Approach to Business and IT Alignment
The book is adopted as a key textbook for teaching enterprise architecture courses in a number of universities across the globe, including Northern America, Europe and Asia
Book review by Ashraf Fouad (Techie Architect)
Lectures on Enterprise Architecture  
A basic teaching pack intended for universities based on the book The Practice of Enterprise Architecture: A Modern Approach to Business and IT Alignment. Sample materials from the teaching pack are available below:
Lectures on Enterprise Architecture Introduction to the Course
Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: The Concept of Enterprise Architecture
Lecture 3: The Role of Enterprise Architecture Practice

Tests for Lecture 1: Introduction
Tests for Lecture 2: The Concept of Enterprise Architecture
Tests for Lecture 3: The Role of Enterprise Architecture Practice

Teaching Case: Design of the Architecture Function at a Manufacturing Company
Teaching Case: Useless Software Tool for Enterprise Architecture
Teaching Case: What Went Wrong with the Enterprise Architecture Consulting Engagement?
Lectures on Enterprise Architecture  
The full teaching pack with 19 lectures, tests and other materials in MS PowerPoint and MS Word formats is freely available to universities on request to the author

The teaching pack can be freely used for educational purposes, adapted, reorganized or translated with references to the original in any convenient form
Publications on Enterprise Architecture
Year Publication Audience Format
2015Consolidating Enterprise Architecture Management ResearchAcademic PDF, Web
2015Investigating the Usage of Enterprise Architecture ArtifactsAcademic PDF, Web
2016Enterprise Architecture Is Not TOGAFGeneral PDF, Web
2016The Critical Scrutiny of TOGAFGeneral PDF, Web
2016The History of Enterprise Architecture: An Evidence-Based ReviewGeneral PDF
2016One Minute Enterprise ArchitectureGeneral PDF, Web
2016Enterprise Architecture Frameworks: The Fad of the CenturyGeneral PDF, Web
2016Two Worlds of Enterprise ArchitectureGeneral PDF
2016Enterprise Architecture Practice in Retail: Problems and SolutionsGeneral PDF
2016Six Types of Enterprise Architecture ArtifactsGeneral PDF, Web
2017Eight Essential Enterprise Architecture ArtifactsGeneral PDF, Web
2017Different Approaches to Enterprise ArchitectureGeneral PDF
2017The Relationship Between Enterprise Architecture ArtifactsGeneral PDF, Web
2017Critical Questions in Enterprise Architecture ResearchAcademic PDF, Web
2017A Frameworks-Free Look at Enterprise ArchitectureGeneral PDF
2017Conceptual Model of Enterprise Architecture ManagementAcademic PDF, Web
2017Enterprise Architecture on a Single PageGeneral PDF, Web
2017Enterprise Architecture: What Did We Study?Academic PDF, Web
2018TOGAF: Just the Next Fad That Turned into a New ReligionGeneral PDF, Web
2018Fake and Real Tools for Enterprise ArchitectureGeneral PDF, Web
2018TOGAF Version 9.2: What's New?General PDF, Web
2018TOGAF-Based Enterprise Architecture Practice: An Exploratory Case StudyAcademic PDF, Web
2018Enterprise Architecture: The Realms of Natural and ArtificialGeneral PDF, Web
2018Enterprise Architecture: A Reconceptualization Is NeededAcademic PDF, Web
2019Yet Another Taxonomy for Enterprise Architecture ArtifactsGeneral PDF
2019Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Architecture Artifacts: Questioning the Old Concept in Light of New FindingsAcademic PDF, Web
2019Enterprise Architecture Artifacts: Facts and DecisionsGeneral PDF, Web
2019Fake and Real Tools for Enterprise Architecture: The Zachman Framework and Business Capability ModelGeneral PDF, Web
2019The Process View of Enterprise Architecture PracticeGeneral PDF, Web
2019The Problem of Engagement in Enterprise Architecture Practice: An Exploratory Case StudyAcademic PDF, Web
2019Enterprise Architecture Practice on a Single PageGeneral PDF, Web
2020Artifacts, Activities, Benefits and Blockers: Exploring Enterprise Architecture Practice in DepthAcademic PDF, Web
2020Can Enterprise Architecture Be Based on the Business Strategy?Academic PDF, Web
2020Sizing, Structuring, and Fine-Tuning Your EA FunctionGeneral Web
2020The Hard Side of Business and IT AlignmentGeneral PDF, Web
2020The Role of Engagement in Achieving Business-IT Alignment Through Practicing Enterprise ArchitectureAcademic PDF, Web
2020What Is Agile Enterprise Architecture?General PDF, Web
2020Enterprise Architecture: Forget Systems Thinking, Improve CommunicationGeneral PDF, Web
2020The Effect of Enterprise Architecture Deployment Practices on Organizational Benefits: A Dynamic Capability PerspectiveAcademic PDF, Web
2020Roles of Different Artifacts in Enterprise Architecture Practice: An Exploratory StudyAcademic PDF, Web
2020Configuring Your EA Practice for AgilityGeneral Web
2021The Role of Enterprise Architecture for Digital TransformationsAcademic PDF, Web
2021Stakeholder Engagement in Enterprise Architecture Practice: What Inhibitors Are There?Academic PDF, Web
2021Vicious and Virtuous Circles in Enterprise Architecture PracticeGeneral PDF, Web
2021A Comparison of the Top Four Enterprise Architecture FrameworksGeneral PDF, Web
2021The Theoretical Basis of Enterprise Architecture: A Critical Review and Taxonomy of Relevant TheoriesAcademic PDF, Web
2021The Most Important Property of Enterprise Architecture ArtifactsGeneral PDF, Web
2021Enterprise Architecture Practice Under a Magnifying Glass: Linking Artifacts, Activities, Benefits, and BlockersAcademic PDF, Web
2022Enterprise Architecture Is Based on Business Strategy, Is It Not?General PDF, Web
2022The Concept of Information Architecture in the Context of Enterprise ArchitectureAcademic PDF, Web
2022The Practical Roles of Enterprise Architecture Artifacts: A Classification and RelationshipAcademic PDF, Web
2023The TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition: What's New?General PDF
2023Enterprise Architecture Artifacts as Boundary Objects: An Empirical AnalysisAcademic PDF, Web
2023Enterprise Architecture Artefacts as Instruments for Knowledge Management: A Theoretical InterpretationAcademic PDF, Web
2024Modeling Business Capabilities in Enterprise Architecture Practice: The Case of Business Capability ModelsAcademic PDF, Web
Other Materials
Year Material Audience Format
2017A Fresh Look at Enterprise Architecture Artifacts (BCS EASG Webinar)General Video
2018Interview with Svyatoslav Kotusev by Christopher Schulz (Mosaiic)General PDF
2022Interview with Svyatoslav Kotusev by Shen Liu (Thoughtworks China)General PDF, Web
2023The Practice of Enterprise Architecture (2nd Edition) - Book Review by Ashraf Fouad (Techie Architect)General Video
2024The Framework Mythbuster: Unraveling Tangles of Enterprise ArchitectureGeneral Video
Training and Consulting
Various enterprise architecture trainings and consulting services can be provided to organizations on demand. Training and consulting engagements can be organized in a flexible, customized manner to better suit the specific needs of your company and its architecture team. For any questions regarding the training and consulting opportunities, please contact the author directly